Why Recruitbox?



Secure Cloud Computing for Recruiters

Recruitbox enables your teams to be the best they can be by increasing productivity, security, mobility and revenue.

Your users continue working with the applications and software they love, anywhere, any time and on any device with a single login.

At a glance you can manage overhead risk, employee ROI risk, and internal threat risk.

Highly Secure Infrastructure.

We have increased security over on- premise solutions by taking a system-based – not point-based – approach. This will safely support highly mobile users that need a variety of connection options – coming into the cloud from secure and non-secure networks. RecruitBox can perform security at all levels including applications, operating system, infrastructure, storage, backup, printing, copy and paste, mobile devices, tablets.

Ease of Integration.

RecruitBox enables you to keep everything great about how you work exactly the same. Continue working with your preferred recruitment software and applications. Unique software is hosted on our cutting edge virtual servers. Change nothing to disrupt the way your employees are familiar to working.

Boost productivity.

RecruitBox enables you to select which applications and websites your teams have access to remove the temptation of timewasting by category on social media, shopping and social media for example, to help your bottom line.

Prevent insider threats.

Take complete ownership. You own your data. Not us. Not your employees. Recruitbox has additional security features to stop employees leaking, printing, sending or downloading valuable corporate data. Stop being scared of LinkedIn. Set keyword alerts if necessary, you can see everything they do in a manageable way through the RecruitBox Security Centre console.

Enterprise Class Architecture.

RecruitBox has teamed with the highest performing leaders in cloud technology to deliver the most secure solution. Citrix, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Pulsant and Awareness Technologies

Flexible and Resilient with Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.

Managing business continuity and recovery internally requires a dedicated focus so companies typically concentrate only on the most critical applications. Utilising RecruitBox allows you to safeguard you full IT infrastructure because the cloud's inherent scalability integrates disaster recovery capabilities. Your data is always in at least three secure places.

Savings on PCs and Laptops and Hardware.

RecruitBox desktops include Microsoft Office and Exchange licensing. This includes all new versions. All of these cost savings and overheads savings can be transferred to lower your fees or boost profit. You can save on the spec of your computers. RecruitBox is elastic. Only pay for what you need. It can contract if necessary to meet changing business needs. With an inhouse datacenter, if a company over-provisions, it can't scale back. In recruit:box, companies can quickly and easily re-size its environment if necessary.

Faster Provisioning of Systems and Applications.

Traditional methods to buy and configure hardware and software are time consuming. Using recruit:box provides a rapid deployment model that enables applications to grow quickly to matchincreasing usage requirements. It can accommodate "peak times" when a company needs to scale up staff or storage dramatically. Set up your freshly hired superstar consultant's work environment in 60 seconds.

Looking after you

Choose the best support for your company to keep everything running like clockwork. We work with your existing IT provider or in house IT team or can recommend a local partner to deliver recruit:box with the best level of support possible. We offer full training and support for them keeping that trusted adviser relationship between you strong and your operations smooth.